EVgo ordered 1,000 fast chargers from Delta

The devices are high-performance speakers with a power of up to 350 kW


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US charging infrastructure operator EVgo has placed an order with Delta Electronics for 1,000 fast charging stations. Delta's EVgo units will primarily be high-performance speakers up to 350kW with power-sharing features.

The notice does not specify which charging station model it is. So far, Delta only lists DC chargers with a maximum power of 150kW on its website. The UFC 200 with 200 kW of charging power is also listed as the most powerful model to date on other Delta websites.

EVgo will use Delta products for various projects, including the recently announced EVgo project with General Motors and Pilot Company. However, all charging stations are integrated into the EVgo "eXtend" charging network.

EVgo is committed to making electric vehicle charging convenient and reliable for everyone, so it's vital that our network consists of high quality chargers backed by a track record of innovation, reliability and technology leadership

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