Fiat is nearing the end of internal combustion engines.

The company has confirmed that by 2027, pure electric cars will already be sold in Europe.


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Italian carmaker Fiat, part of the multi-brand group Stellantis, wants to move Europe's phasing out of internal combustion engines a few years into the future. Until now, all that was known was that Fiat wants to phase out diesel and petrol engines worldwide by 2030. In addition to Europe, important sales markets for Italians are South America and the Middle East, where electrification is still rather slow.

“The next step will be taken in 2024, when every new Fiat model will be fully electric, just like the 500e,” said Olivier François. In 2027, the head of Fiat suggests that "all conditions will be created to say goodbye to fossil fuels in Europe." Fiat will drive here only on electricity,” he explained in an interview with a car magazine. However, Francois has not made any specific announcements about upcoming electric models. There are currently rumors of a purely electric new version of the Panda that could arrive in 2023.

In Europe, Fiat is under pressure mainly because of its small models, which are bestsellers to date. Because the exhaust technology, which is required due to the strict Euro 7 emission standard, is comparatively expensive for small cars. It wasn't until mid-May that Fiat announced that it would soon no longer be selling combustion engine vehicles in Europe as part of the (partial) electrification of two Tipo and 500X models. All new cars from the Italians must then be equipped with at least a mild hybrid drive. The manufacturer will remove all conventional, pure petrol and diesel engines that could still be ordered from the Tipo and 500X.

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