Ford Pro Unveils Electric 'SuperVan' With Over 2,000 HP

The fourth-generation Ford SuperVan debuted at the Goodwood Festival of Speed


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Ford's fourth SuperVan has already premiered at Goodwood, and for the first time, the all-electric Ford SuperVan based on the latest E-Transit Custom.

The car is equipped with front and rear subframes, independent double wishbone suspensions in a circle and four electric motors, one per wheel with a total power of 2000 hp. Acceleration to 100 km / h takes less than two seconds: in fact, it is faster than not only Formula E, but also Formula 1.

If the standard E-Transit Custom is equipped with a 68 kWh battery, then the racing unit received only 50 kWh, which is located in the floor. The peculiarity of this battery is that it is able to give out a lot of energy at once, sit down quickly, but also quickly charge. It takes only 45 minutes to fully charge.

The car can operate in several modes: road, circuit, drag, rally, and drift. There is also a "rubber cleaning mode" , which is a sequential wheel slip on a stationary car.

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