Ford will release Maverick and Ranger electric pickups for Europe

The company has registered two new brands for electric versions of its pickup trucks


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The automaker has received two model names Maverick Lightning and Ranger Lightning, protected by the European Trademark Office. Ford is currently using the addition of Lightning to identify the electric version of its best-selling F-150 pickup truck in the US.

With the F-150 Lightning already in production and with Ford rapidly ramping up deliveries and production volumes, the news is the first indication that the automaker wants to expand its range of electric pickups more than previously thought. The Ranger is being developed jointly with Volkswagen, in parallel with the electric Volkswagen Amarok. But also, there is no further information about the purely electric Maverick.

Ford Maverick smallest pickup, currently measuring 5.07 meters in length. The current Ranger is 5.35 meters long, and the F-150 is even 5.88 meters long. Interestingly, Ford has submitted other model names for the electric versions of the Maverick and Ranger to the US Trademark Office: Maverick Thunder and Ranger Thunder.

Whether the upcoming electric pickups will be called Thunder or Lightning, either way, the two electric models are good news in terms of specific US market characteristics, as pickups are seen more frequently.

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