GAC Aion unveils its new premium brand Aion Hyper

The brand's first supercar will be the Hyper SSR


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GAC Aion, an EV subsidiary of China's GAC Group, has unveiled its new premium Hyper brand and its first Hyper SSR. The model is an all-electric supercar with gull-wing doors and a maximum output of 913 kW.

The new Aion Hyper brand is dedicated to the production of innovative high-end vehicles. Against this backdrop, the GAC sought to collaborate with China's National Space Administration and set up its own research center called the Hyper Scientific Research Laboratory. According to Chinese media reports, the goal is to make progress in aerodynamics, innovative materials, and artificial intelligence control, among other things. Then, scientific and technological advances should be reflected in Aion Hyper products.

As the first representative of the new brand, GAC introduced the Hyper SSR. The supercar is available in two versions. The regular version can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.3 seconds and has a presale price of almost 1.3 million yuan (about 190,000 euros). Another version, Hyper SSR Ultimate, costs just under 1.7 million yuan (about 240,000 euros) and, according to the manufacturer, can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 1.9 seconds.


It is also clear that the Hyper SSR will be manufactured and shipped from October 2023. There is no information about the planned quantities. To date, GAC Aion has released only rudimentary data on the installed technology. The supercar will have 12,000 Nm of torque and will be based on a 900-volt platform. Large parts of the car are made of carbon fiber, and inside there is a 14.6-inch multimedia display and an 8.8-inch instrument panel.

GAC recently announced the creation of subsidiaries for the production of electric drives and batteries. Thus, the GAC wants to increase its own added value of electric vehicles.

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