Ganfeng Lithium has begun construction of a solid state battery factory

The plant will be the largest of its kind in China


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Ganfeng is actually the largest lithium processor in the world by market cap. In the future, the company intends to build and develop solid-state batteries itself at a factory in Lianjiang New Area in Chongqing in the southwest of China, in addition to the production capacity for cells and blocks, it is also planned to build a research institute on the site.

The Chongqing project is not Ganfeng's first battery factory: the company already has a battery factory in Xinyu, Jiangxi province. Since the expansion phase goes online in January, it can produce up to 2 GWh solid state batteries per year and up to 7 GWh LFP(lithium-iron-phosphate) battery cells.

The first generation of solid state elements from Ganfeng is still semi-solid technology. The details of the energy density are not confirmed here. However, according to the company, it is already working on the second generation, which should reach 360 Wh/kg - the value that WeLion will provide to Nio, for example, for their 150 kWh package. WeLion technology is still a semi-solid state battery.

At present, only approximate energy density data are available for first-generation Ganfeng solid-state batteries.

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