Geely announces new details about Radar RD6 electric pickup truck

The first budget equipment with one electric motor will enter the market


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The Chinese corporation Geely is launching a new brand Radar on the market, which will produce electric pickups and SUVs. The brand's first model will be the RD6 electric pickup truck.

Geely has revealed more details about the model. There are four 220-volt sockets in the pickup truck, and the company also provided two sealed compartments for various payloads, the first is under the hood (70 liters), and the second under the rear seats (48 liters).

The machine is based on the SEA platform, which already underlies the Zeekr 001, Jidu Robo-01, Lotus Eletre, Smart #1, some future Polestar models, as well as the recently announced Zeekr 009. It is worth noting that the most budget Radar equipment will be the first to enter the market RD6. The package includes only one electric motor for 272 hp and a battery with a capacity of 86 kWh, the charge should be enough for 600 kilometers. Earlier it was reported that the pickup truck will receive two electric motors with a total power of 400 hp.

Radar is a completely independent brand with its own R&D center in Hangzhou and production in Zibo city. The company is going to create a whole line of electric vehicles for outdoor activities. We already know that the Radar RD6 will be joined in the future by two full-size electric pickups (with one of them getting a coupe-like roofline), a large SUV and even an electric ATV.

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