Geely launches new electric vehicle brand Radar Auto

Radar Auto focuses on electric "vehicles for life" such as pickup trucks, SUVs and ATVs


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The Chinese automotive group Geely has launched another car brand, Radar Auto. The first electric vehicle has already been unveiled, the RD6 electric pickup truck, which is said to be able to travel up to 600 km with a full battery. A full-fledged premiere will take place in China September 9, at the same time prices will be announced.

More and more people are moving towards a healthy lifestyle with outdoor activities, and the government is easing restrictions on pickup trucks in cities. These changes support the growth of pickups

Geely plans to offer RD6 to Chinese consumers in the fourth quarter, while the company is also exploring Southeast Asian markets for potential expansion opportunities. It would be obvious that the RD6 would be delivered to the United States, which has the largest pickup truck market in the world.


Radar RD6 is based on the Geely Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA). Four-wheel drive was made possible thanks to the platform, as well as the trunk, as well as the creation of appropriate loading areas with the possibility of external loading. More information about the car is unknown. It only turned out that Radar has its own research and development center in Hangzhou and an electric vehicle factory in Zibo, Shandong.

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