General Motors and Pilot announce EV fast-charging network

It is planned to install about 2000 charging stations


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General Motors is partnering with the Pilot Company to build a network of electric vehicle fast chargers dotted across America's highways. The goal, according to GM, is to encourage the purchase of electric vehicles by making it easier to travel from coast to coast, making electric vehicles a more viable alternative to conventional cars.

They plan to install around 2,000 EVgo eXtend-powered charging stations, but they will also be bundled with Pilot Flying J and Ultium Charge 360, spread over 500 Pilot Flying J locations. The plan is to place these chargers 50 miles apart and all of these locations will have added amenities such as free Wi-Fi, lounge areas, on-site restaurants, and shops selling essentials and souvenirs.


Some of these places will offer 350kW fast charging, but not all. This plan to add chargers along highways is also part of another deal between EVgo and General Motors to install 3,250 fast chargers in America's major urban centers by 2025.

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