Hyundai builds new development center in Rüsselsheim

The research center should be ready by November 2024


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The Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Center (HMETC) has announced the creation of a 25,000 square meter central site in Rüsselsheim. In the future, first of all, work will be carried out there to further develop emission-free mobility.

The research center should be ready by November 2024, according to the automaker. The center includes an electrification laboratory, a workshop, a multi-purpose think tank, a commercial vehicle office, and a car dealership. In addition, work will be carried out in Rüsselsheim on driver assistance systems and infotainment functions.

Although the Koreans note in the announcement that there will be many laboratories located on campus, the design of the research building should not be approved until the end of October. “It is already clear that sustainable architecture contains creative spaces that promote collaboration and innovation,” the statement said.

The construction of the new R&D Center will support Hyundai's transformation into a "integrated mobility solutions provider" and promote the development of environmentally friendly models and high-performance vehicles.

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