Iberdrola and BP announce strategic partnership to develop electric vehicle charging infrastructure

Partners allocate €1 billion to deploy up to 11,000 fast charging points


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Iberdrola and BP are planning a joint venture to invest over one billion euros to deploy 11,000 fast and ultra-fast charging points in Spain and Portugal. The plan includes the installation and operation of 5,000 fast charging points by 2025 and up to 11,000 by 2030, given the existing Iberdrola network. The companies also plan to jointly serve EV customers in the UK, likely through BP networks.

Iberdrola manages over 2,500 charging points in Iberia and claims that through its app, users can access over 100,000 charging points across Europe.

BP offers access to its European network of over 10,000 charging points, mainly in UK and Germany.

In Spain and Portugal, the petrochemical company plans to use its existing network of 1,300 filling stations, as well as install recharging points under a new agreement.

We intend to help promote decarbonization and energy self-sufficiency through the electrification of two key sectors of our economy, transport and industry. The scale of the challenge calls for alliances between companies like Iberdrola and BP that have the technology and expertise needed to accelerate Europe's industrial development

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