Jolt wants to build about 5,000 HPC chargers in Europe and the US

Jolt and ADS-TEC Energy have announced a partnership to launch ultra-fast charging stations in major cities


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ADS-TEC Energy designs and manufactures ultra-fast battery charging stations that can charge electric vehicles in minutes rather than hours, even in power-constrained grids. The smart and scalable charging station provides fast charging up to 320kW. The Munich charging network operator Jolt acquires and operates batteries and charging technologies from ADS-TEC Energy. In addition, both companies are working together to create innovative mobile fast charging stations.

Jolt has already started using ADS-TEC Energy battery charging stations: they will be installed at EG Group's ESSO filling stations in Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Dresden, Düsseldorf and Nuremberg, as well as at Tamoil gas stations in the Netherlands. Specifically, Jolt plans to install 120 Super Fast Charge Points at 60 ESSO points over the next six to eight months.

Jolt is also partnering with ADS-TEC Energy, consulting firm Pataki-Cahill and engineering firm Aecom as it expands in the USA. In total, Jolt plans to install and operate up to 5,000 ultra-fast charging stations from ADS-TEC Energy over the next five years.

This partnership allows Jolt to set up its charging network in cities and metropolitan areas even faster. For us, deployment speed and flexibility are critical to delivering high-quality ultra-fast charging in major metropolitan areas

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