L-Charge tests mobile fast charging service

First, the tests will be held in Frankfurt, then in Düsseldorf and Stuttgart


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British charger maker L-Charge has launched what it says is an extensive test run of a mobile fast charging service for electric vehicles in Europe. The goal is to "measure demand in cities with no charging infrastructure or in cities threatened by weak power supply".

Another goal is to promote the transition to electric vehicles and to study the extent to which the results of surveys conducted before the tour correlate with real demand. A survey conducted by L-Charge reportedly showed Paris, Tallinn and Warsaw topping the list of cities least favorable for owning electric vehicles and hardest hit by rising energy prices, the statement said. L-Charge has already successfully tested its service in Tallinn, Warsaw and Riga. However, the results were not mentioned.

The peculiarity of the technology lies in the fact that an autonomous charging station uses LNG (liquefied natural gas), hydrogen or a mixture of both to generate electricity for on-site charging. In this way, a charging power of up to 130 kW can be provided. However, the company does not provide more technical details.

The L-Charge team is currently checking the demand for mobile charging stations in Frankfurt am Main. Düsseldorf and Stuttgart will be the next German cities. The company then plans road shows across Europe. L-Charge will soon launch its first commercial network in London.

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