The largest battery recycling plant for electric vehicles has been launched in Europe.

Recycling used batteries is a critical part of ensuring a successful transition to electric vehicles from an environmental point of view.


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Swedish battery developer and manufacturer Northvolt, which specializes in lithium-ion technology for electric vehicles, is also promoting battery recycling. To this end, the joint venture Hydrovolt, formed with the Norwegian aluminum producer Hydro, has started commercial recycling activities in Fredrikstad.

Hydrovolt is Europe's largest recycling plant and can recycle about 12,000 tons of batteries annually, according to Northvolt - about 25,000 electric vehicle batteries. With the facility in operation, a sustainable solution is now available for the entire number of EV batteries in Norway that are being phased out or approaching the end of their life, the company said.

Hydrovolt can recover and isolate about 95 percent of the materials contained in a battery, including plastics, copper, aluminum and black matter (a compound of nickel, manganese, cobalt and lithium). The plant has implemented several new concepts for maximum material recovery. These include a dust collection system that captures valuable materials that are usually lost during the mechanical processing steps.

The company is considering expanding its recycling facilities in Europe. Long-term goal: to recycle about 70,000 tons of batteries by 2025 and 300,000 tons by 2030, corresponding to about 150,000 electric vehicle batteries in 2025 and 500,000 in 2030.

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