Mahle has developed the most reliable electric motor

The company develops durable electric motors for cars and trucks


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Mahle has developed what he claims is the most reliable electric motor available. Thanks to the new cooling concept, SCT (Superior Continuous Torque) must operate at high performance for an unlimited period of time.

In a press release, the supplier talks about a "technological leap" in the cooling concept. According to Mahle, this is an integrated oil cooling system that not only provides cooling, but also allows the generated waste heat to be used in the overall vehicle system.

According to recent measurement results, the SCT should deliver more than 90% of peak output power continuously. However, Mahle does not give absolute figures. Continuous power is usually lower because the drive overheats at high loads and the power has to be reduced. Random editorial example: BMW i4 M50 has a peak power of 400kW, but according to ECE R 85 the registration documents show a constant power of 125kW.

Mahle also emphasizes that the SCT (also thanks to its integrated oil cooling) must be particularly compact and lightweight.

Building large electric motors that provide high performance in the short term is not difficult. What is still lacking in the market to make electric vehicles fully suitable for everyday use is a robust yet compact drive. Our new SCT motor is a new solution

In practice, this should provide a number of advantages, for example, when used in difficult conditions.

Classic examples are driving an electric truck through mountain passes or the repetitive sprints of a battery-powered electric car. Electric motors currently available on the market do not adequately cover these conditions

In essence, the SCT is designed as a permanently excited synchronous motor, allowing for a compact design with high energy density. This one has neodymium permanent magnets in the rotor. SCT can also be ordered without magnets and without rare earths upon request. Here, at the request of the customer, Mahle uses the technology that was introduced last year in a highly efficient and magnetic-free electric motor.

The new development is suitable for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, construction equipment and tractors.

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