Maruti Suzuki will launch an electric car in India in 2025

The company wants to completely stop the production of cars on clean gasoline in the next ten years


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Suzuki plans to start selling its first mass-market electric vehicle in 2025.

Maruti Suzuki has already ceased production of diesel vehicles in April 2020. In the future, the Indian manufacturer will rely on a combination of electric and hybrid vehicles, as well as internal combustion engine vehicles powered by natural gas or biofuels.

In the next decade, we will convert all cars. There will be no pure petrol cars. They will either be electrified or run on compressed natural gas or biofuels

However, Raman did not specify what distribution of powertrains the manufacturer is counting on.

This is also due to some of the factors that currently make it difficult for many customers to switch to all-electric vehicles. Aside from the higher purchase price hurdle, the report says that over 60% of Indians park on the street and only 20-25% have access to charging stations. In addition, India's electricity generation needs to become cleaner if EVs are to truly contribute to climate change mitigation - around 70% of electricity is currently generated from coal.

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