McLaren plans electric crossovers by 2030

The company is working on a brand new all-electric series


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McLaren said the electric crossover will be a real revolution for the British, who have so far focused on supersports cars. But there are still a few years before the launch of the model.

The crossover is not expected to hit the market until the second half of this decade, but probably not before 2030. McLaren initially wants to electrify hybrids, but the new model will be offered exclusively with battery power. Initially, there will be only one option, later the series may be offered with other features and performance levels.

According to the report, the new McLaren will be a fairly low compact car with two or three engines and all-wheel drive. The goal is said to be a high level of performance to compete with the recently released Aston Martin DBX 707 super SUV.

Following Aston Martin Ferrari will soon introduce its first SUV-like model. Previously, Lamborghini launched an SUV with great success. As such, premium brands are responding to the ongoing trend towards SUVs and crossovers, which are now part of the portfolio of most automotive brands in various segments.

According to insiders, McLaren wants to continue the crossover tradition and focus on performance, efficiency, light weight and sophisticated aerodynamics. That's why the company is still waiting for battery technology to advance. It is expected that the price of the new series could approach 400,000 euros, given the size and complexity of the car, as well as the cost of the latest battery technology.

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