Mercedes-Benz begins testing electric 40-tonne eActros

It is the brand's largest electric truck to date


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Mercedes-Benz Trucks has begun a new round of testing for its eActros battery-electric truck. This time the tests are carried out with a 40-ton road train, consisting of an eActros electric truck and a two-axle trailer.


This combination has already been handed over to the transport company Logistik Schmitt for endurance testing. Road testing of the eActros began back in 2019. During this time, 7000 trips were made, during which prototypes overcame more than 70,000 km.

eActros as a combination truck and trailer is ideal for our transport needs. Such a tandem not only has a higher total mass, but also carries much more. This means that we can now deliver twice as much cargo in one flight than with a single vehicle

According to German law, for towing trailers weighing more than 10 tons, a heavy truck must be equipped with a continuous braking system. In the test road train, the continuous braking system is provided by the HPR brake, which is mounted on the trailer.

The battery powered Mercedes-Benz eActros 300 (6x2) for trailer operation is equipped with a drive axle with two integrated electric motors with a rated total power of 330kW. Peak power reaches 400 kW. Electric motors are installed with a two-speed gearbox. The eActros 300 suffix means that the electric vehicle has three batteries, each providing a capacity of 112 kWh. The range is about 300 km. If a trucker has a charging station up to 160 kW available, it will take them about 2 hours to charge three eActros batteries.

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