Mercedes-Benz EQV electric van received modifications from Tonke.

Tonke offers the Mercedes EQV in two configurations: Touring and Adventure.


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In 2019, the automaker introduced the EQV, a battery-electric van with a range of over 321 km. Tonke has upgraded the Mercedes EQV and the car is now available in two configurations: Touring and Adventure.

Those who want a more traditional camper should opt for the Touring van, which boasts a two-seat rear seat that folds out into a double bed and a fully stocked kitchen. It has an induction cooker with two burners, a sink and a 36 liter refrigerator. The kitchen is movable and can be pulled out for outdoor cooking. The dining table is integrated into the kitchen. An extra berth is available with a folding rooftop tent, and Tonke adds an extra 100 amp-hour battery to keep the camper powered by a 90 kW car battery.

Things are a little different on the Adventure, with a three-seat bench that turns into a large bed, larger than what's offered on the Touring. The Adventure does not have a kitchen, but Tonke offers a kitchen option with a retractable rear door. Unlike the Touring, this kitchen has a two-burner gas stove. It has a sink and refrigerator. The Adventure is also available with a fold-out interior table and an extra pair of seats, allowing the camper to carry up to seven passengers.

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