Mercedes-Benz Trucks introduces electric utility trucks

The production of electric versions of the Mercedes-Benz Actros truck series is currently being ramped up


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The Econic from Mercedes-Benz Trucks is already in use as a waste collector. In the second half of 2022, the battery-powered eEconic variant with an electric waste collection box will go into series production. The low-floor truck with a GVW of 27 tons and an electronic axle with an integrated drive and two electric motors is based on the eActros for heavy distribution transport.

The eEconic batteries consist of three blocks, each of which has a usable capacity of about 100 kWh. The electric truck can cover the vast majority of typical Econic waste haul routes in a single shift without recharging. Three eEconic battery packs charge from 20 to 80 percent at a standard DC fast charger in an hour.

The electric version of the Actros has so far been used specifically for heavy haulage. Mercedes-Benz Trucks says the eActros can showcase its benefits, no CO2 emissions and quiet hauling. To achieve this, the eActros was piloted with the complete eWorX solution developed by supplier ZF, together with a skiploader from the engineering company Palfinger.

The eWorX system links the vehicle's energy management system to the body and integrates hardware and software components. The eActros traction battery provides power via a DC interface. The eWorX electric motor drives the truck's hydraulic pump, so no mechanical connection to the traction motor is required. eWorX provides communication between the electric truck and the body via a CAN bus interface.

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