Mercedes invests in employee training

The management of the company and the general production council agreed to conduct advanced training courses


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Electrification and digitalization are changing the world of work. With the conversion, job profiles will also change in Mercedes-Benz. That is why the company is investing a total of more than 1.3 billion euros in the qualification, training and development of employees in Germany by 2030 as part of the Turn2Learn initiative.

As we strive for an all-electric and digital future as a luxury brand, we have instilled a noticeable sense of optimism in Mercedes-Benz. With Turn2Learn, we are taking this on and reorganizing qualifications for all Mercedes-Benz employees. With Turn2Learn, we create limitless opportunities for lifelong learning. Everyone can continue their education regardless of time and place - in all areas and at all levels. As a company, we rely primarily on learning paths that advance us in digitization and electrification

The management of the company and the general works council have agreed to conduct advanced training and retraining courses on e-learning platforms for companies and individuals. Employees must be able to learn independently and flexibly for their previous or future job. Here, too, the company bears the cost of licenses. Implementation will begin in the third quarter in the administration and in the first pilot production sites.

Mercedes wants to pay special attention to qualifications, which are critical to the implementation of a sustainable business strategy and the digitalization of the company. For the declared all-electric future, they train their employees in the field of electrical/electronics "beginner to expert level". Qualifications are based on the tasks of employees and vary in scope and content. The main requirement for employees who are allowed to move in a high voltage environment is, for example, a high voltage safety briefing that lasts several hours. Do-it-yourself work with high-voltage systems also requires several weeks of basic training as an electrician.

In addition to need-based qualifications of employees, the car manufacturer relies on a pool of new talent with the right know-how. The company offers future-oriented training such as IT professionals or a dual course on new embedded systems that combines engineering and IT.

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