Mercedes launches EQE sedan in China

The electric car received a different battery


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Mercedes-Benz has started selling the EQE sedan in China. Three rear-wheel-drive options will be offered, one offering a maximum range of 752 kilometers on the CLTC cycle, while the other two options offer a range of 717 kilometers. CLTC is a Chinese test cycle, the ranges defined there are usually significantly higher than WLTP values. Prices are 528,000, 546,000 and 585,000 yuan respectively. This is equivalent to 76,930, 79,555 or 85,235 euros.

There are practically no significant differences in the car itself. At 4.97 meters long, the Chinese EQE is about two centimeters longer than the European model, which is likely due to slightly modified bumpers. However, there are no deviations in height and wheelbase.

The drive with a six-phase electric motor at the rear is the same: the motor has a power of 215 kW and a maximum torque of 565 Nm. But there are differences in the battery: in China, the EQE is equipped with an NCM811 battery pack with a capacity of 96.1 kWh, which is produced at the Beijing Benz battery plant. Depending on the variant, European models have a battery capacity of 89 kWh or 90.56 kWh.

Beijing Benz started production of the EQE for the Chinese market in June. The first EQE built at that time was the four millionth vehicle that rolled off the assembly line at the BBAC factory.

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