Mercedes starts production of the EQE in China.

The electric vehicle is now rolling off the assembly line at the Beijing Benz Automotive (BBAC) plant in Beijing.


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The joint venture between Mercedes and Beijing Automotive Group (BAIC) offers four electric vehicles with a new model in China: EQA , EQB, EQC and now EQE, the company will also produce batteries for EQE in the same factory, with battery cells coming from CATL and Farasis as before.

At the beginning of production, the Chinese rolled off a special commemorative car: the first EQE was also the four millionth car produced at the BBAC joint venture plant. The joint venture reportedly increased the number of vehicles from three million to four million in 21 months.

The EQE is the first electric car from the Beijing factory built on the all-electric Mercedes EVA2 platform. The luxury Mercedes EQS, which is currently only produced at Plant 56 in Sindelfingen, also uses the EVA2 platform. In addition to Beijing, EQE also rolls off the assembly line in Bremen.

Battery production for EQE in Beijing began three weeks ago. For the other three series in China, BBAC also assembles the batteries themselves. For its models made in Germany, EQS and EQE, Mercedes assembles batteries at the main plant in Stuttgart-Untertürkheim.

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