NIO announces 500kW fast charging station and new battery swap stations

The company announced a new technical record for its charging


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The company recently announced the construction of its 1,000th battery replacement station.

NIO is currently the only car manufacturer that makes extensive use of battery replacement stations. The company said that it took only 15 months to increase the number of stations from 200 to 1,000. This means that more than ten million battery changes were performed, averaging more than 30,000 changes per day. By the end of 2025, NIO plans to have 4000 active battery change stations worldwide, about 1000 of them outside of China, including in Germany.

The company wants to further expand its network of charging stations and is also relying on particularly powerful technology for this. NIO has announced plans to deploy 500kW direct current (DC) fast chargers in China and Europe by the end of the year. Public charging stations in this country only reach 350kW at peak capacity, something that modern locally built cars don't even support. Currently the leader is Porsche Taycan, which can consume up to 270 kW of energy. Electric vehicle industry leader Tesla has 250kW, other big brands such as VW typically have less than 200kW.

NIO is yet to reveal any details about its new 500kW fast charging station. Among other things, it remains to be seen which models of the brand will achieve such performance.

NIO also plans to produce 800V batteries of its own design. Energy storage devices will be used for the new mass market brand.

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