Nio opens second battery replacement station in Norway

The station is located in Norway, namely in Vestby


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Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer Nio has opened its second battery replacement station outside of China. Like the first one, this one is located in Norway, namely in Vestby. But the first stations should also be built in Bergen.

Vestby is located on the important E6 motorway south of the Norwegian capital. The new station serves as a link between Oslo and Gothenburg. Since Vestby is located about 40 km from the center of Oslo, many residents of this region commute to work in the capital. In January, Nio opened its first battery replacement station outside of China in Oslo.

While four stations were originally announced in the greater Oslo area (which also includes Vestby), Nio is now announcing an expansion outside the metropolitan area. Nio also wants to install two new battery change stations in Bergen. Nio's second European home after Oslo is also planned to be built in Bergen.

For its planned network of battery replacement stations in Europe, Nio wants to open a plant in Hungary in September. There will also be charging stations.

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