NIO plans to enter the US market in 2025

The first battery replacement station will appear in November 2022


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Chinese automaker NIO plans to enter the US market in 2025 and deploy the country's first battery swap station as early as November 2022. Also, NIO has gained new territory behind its current headquarters in San Jose, California, where the first battery swap station will be installed in November for testing purposes.

The company currently has 4 NIO ES8 models being used for road testing in San Jose, although NIO NAD (NIO autonomous driving) is still not operational in the country. Last month, the electric vehicle maker posted the first job openings for NIO Houses in the US, including a Head of Construction / User Infrastructure, and a Project Manager / Architecture and Interiors.

In December 2021, the company stated that it plans to be present in more than 25 countries and regions by 2025. The map displayed during the presentation includes countries such as the United States, Australia, France and Japan, Canada, and Brazil. The electric vehicle maker currently has 60 job openings in the United States, mostly for engineers, but also NIO Houses' first job posting in mid-July.

It was previously reported that NIO leased the new 201,500-square-foot building until January 2032 to support research and digital development, testing, assembly, warehousing, and operations.

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