NIO plant in NeoPark begins mass production of electric vehicles

Four car doors can be assembled in 49 seconds


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NIO second plant at NeoPark in Hefei, Anhui province, has been featured in a new report from Chinese state broadcaster CCTV as the plant begins mass production of the electric vehicle maker's long-awaited NIO ET5 sedan.

The CCTV report mentions that it takes the line just 49 seconds to assemble four doors on a car, whereas in the past, workers had to move a 15-kilogram door four to five hundred times a day, a huge waste of labor and materials.

This is a hinge production line developed by NIO in-house, which can assemble various models with different colors, interiors and configurations at the same time.

We are excited to try out some relatively new technologies on the production line, and the Chinese can also take full advantage of their own development

The report says that in the factory, smart design is being applied not only to the production line, but also to the logistics and supply chain. The plant also employs a young workforce, and it is said that young people under the age of 30 already make up more than 60 percent of the total workforce employed in research and development, as well as in manufacturing positions.

NIO's second production base uses a number of advanced technologies, including RGV-style smart vertical storage systems, AGV assembly islands, and paperless operations for the entire process, to ensure efficient production while reducing emissions.

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