NIO is testing two-way battery swap stations

Battery replacement stations can return electricity to the grid


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Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer NIO has begun testing battery swap stations that can return electricity to the grid. It comes against the backdrop of the current heat wave in China, which has already led to a number of power outages.

As NIO explains in a Weibo post, the company's battery swap stations can feed power back into the grid as soon as needed, thus acting as a "virtual small power plant". NIO Power will do "everything in its power to make the network more secure and stable".

In just five days, 15 exchange stations in Hefei transferred a total of 8 MWh of energy to the grid, corresponding to the energy needs of about 3,000 households. However, it is not mentioned whether and how energy recovery affected charging or the presence of batteries in the exchange station.

This, apparently, is about the third generation of stations announced in July. They should offer more capacity and a more flexible layout, but NIO hasn't released any numbers yet. The company intends to introduce the new generation in detail towards the end of the year or early next year.

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