Nissan electric cars can get a “charged” version of Nismo

Nissan is actively exploring the possibility of releasing sports versions of future electric vehicles under the Nismo brand


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Creating new electric vehicles under the Nismo brand will require significant investment, and so far Nissan has not made a final decision on this issue. To date, the range of the Japanese brand has two electric models - Leaf and Ariya. Later, in 2024, a battery-powered Micra will enter the market, and by 2030, Nissan intends to introduce 15 new electric cars. Nismo already has experience with electric vehicles: back in 2018, Nissan's sports division introduced the Leaf Nismo RC electric racing car in Tokyo in 2018, which used the powertrains and electrical components of a regular Leaf, including a battery and inverters.

The sports car was powered by a twin-engine unit: the total output of a pair of electric motors mounted on the front and rear axles was 326 hp. and 640 Nm of torque. The battery was placed between the axles for better weight distribution, and the carbon fiber monocoque made it possible to achieve a curb weight of 1220 kg, that is, the racing electric car turned out to be 360 ​​kg lighter than the standard Leaf. From standstill to 60 mph, it accelerated in 3.4 seconds versus 7.9 for the regular Leaf. The sports car was released in the amount of six copies.

The Nismo brand came about as a result of the merger of two divisions of Nissan, formed back in the 1960s. One of them, Publication Division 3, was engaged in supporting independent racing teams and developing racing technologies, and the department of the second, Special Car Testing Division, was running these same technologies. Since 1985, Nismo began to produce components to refine existing Nissan models.

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