Opel e-Rocks now works in the fire department.

The car, which appeared on the streets of this country under the name Rocks-e, will in the future be used by the Opel factory fire brigade in Rüsselsheim.


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The electric Opel Rocks-e, at just 2.41 meters long, is perhaps the most obscure vehicle option that could be taken into service in the fire department, but plant management has a different opinion.

Painted red and equipped with a special alarm system, the Rocks-e became the smallest car in the plant's fire brigade fleet and the only one of its kind. In addition, the tiny electric car received various tools under the passenger seat and in the footwell. They will have to be used, for example, to check fire extinguishers on the territory of an enterprise with an area of 1.9 square meters. km.

The range of 75 kilometers is more than enough for these tasks, and thanks to the high maneuverability, firefighters can reach any corner of the plant. Instead of parking in front of the door and walking further, employees can drive into the buildings themselves, which saves a lot of time. The conversion of the Rocks-e was carried out jointly by members of the fire brigade, a team from the Advanced Development Department and specialists from Opel Special Vehicles.

The electric motor of the car develops only 8 horsepower. The battery has a capacity of 5.5 kWh, while it is quite possible to charge the car from a household network in 3.5 hours. The maximum speed does not exceed 30 mPh.

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