Opel plans to launch electric sports cars as GSe models

From 2028, the company will position itself as an all-electric brand


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Opel has announced that the GSe abbreviation will return as a sub-brand for particularly dynamic electrified models. As part of the return of the GSe, these three letters do not mean "Grand Sport Einspritzung" as before, but "Grand Sport electric".

According to Opel, in the future, GSe models should become the best in their series. This means that several GSe models should appear soon: Opel is known to want to offer each series as an electrified variant by 2024, and from 2028 only electric Opels will be sold.

It is not yet clear how the GSe variants should stand out against the background of the base machines. Opel said in a statement: "Opel's award-winning design provides a sporty look, but future GSe buyers can also look forward to a chassis that is just as dynamically tuned and delivers tons of driving pleasure." Electric drive changes are planned. The increase in performance is also clearly not excluded.

I am thrilled to be able to announce today the return of the famous acronym GSe, a sports sub-brand that will stand for our top models. As with our bold and clear design, we once again drew inspiration from our rich heritage and gave it a modern twist. Because in the future, GSe will not only stand for particularly dynamic cars that are a pleasure to drive. In fact, it now stands for "Grand Sport electric" - in line with our ambitious strategy to become an all-electric brand

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