Porsche plans new generation Taycan and E-Panamera

The company is planning a second generation Taycan for 2027


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Porsche is planning a second generation Taycan for 2027. An E-Panamera is also planned. By the end of the decade, the company wants to release a total of six electric models as part of a new "electrified luxury" plan.

It is reported that the new generation Taycan and electric Panamera should be based on the sports version of the Scalable Systems Platform (SSP) from the Volkswagen Group. However, there is no more detailed information about the sports version of the SSP. However, according to Porsche, "elements specific to the brand" should be included.

Porsche's first electric vehicle to use SSP is said to be the recently officially announced electric SUV, which should be positioned above the Macan and Cayenne SUV models. Already in December, there were reports of another electric model from Leipzig. The series, known internally as the K1, was described as "a crossover with the dimensions of a Panamera". The specific start of production of the new model is 2026 - according to information at that time based on the Premium Platform Electric (PPE). Apparently, this model will now use SSP and there is talk of a "mid-decade".

As you know, the electric Macan, which is scheduled to enter the market before 2024, will use the Premium Platform Electric (PPE), developed jointly with Audi. By 2025, Porsche is also planning a PPE-based all-electric Cayenne.

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