Porsche Taycan will receive a software update

Older Taycan models will also get new features and the latest efficiency and charging curve improvements


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With the GTS models introduced in November 2021, Porsche has adjusted the charging curve: around 270kW peak power is maintained, but this power can now be made available over a wider range.

The improved charging curve is one of the features of the software update that Porsche has announced for all 75,000 Taycan vehicles. In other words, all existing vehicles can be upgraded to the 2023 software version if necessary.

In older vehicles, the upgrade can also increase the daily range, in some cases significantly - depending on the drive variant, we are talking about 50 kilometers. The reason for this is the drive management introduced for the new 2022 model year vehicles: in "Normal" and "Range" driving modes, the front electric motor is almost completely switched off in all-wheel drive vehicles in the partial load range, the engine behavior has also been optimized when driving coasting and stationary to reduce the drag losses of permanently excited synchronous motors (PSM). If the driver demands more power or switches to one of the sport modes, the decoupled motors are turned back on “within milliseconds”.

The extent of the update and the duration of the workshop visit depend on the specific software status of the respective Taycan. For vehicles with software status 2022 of the model year, the differences from the status 2023 are very small and the update is installed correspondingly faster. Since older cars, for example, still need to be upgraded for drive control, the work here takes a little longer. However, Porsche says that all work can usually be completed within a day - the update itself and the hours of work are free for customers.

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