Power Dot is raising 150 million euros to increase the number of electric vehicle charging stations.

This is just one player in Europe looking to increase the number of electric vehicle chargers and reduce vehicle emissions.


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As more people start using more electric vehicles in their daily lives, there needs to be greater access to reliable chargers. Battery technology continues to improve, but as things are now in 2022, having more public chargers available, rather than fewer, is critical to society's acceptance of electric vehicles, especially in Europe, where the transition to electric power is gaining momentum at the moment very quickly.

Portuguese electric vehicle charging company Power Dot said it had raised €150 million as of mid-2022 to triple the number of its charging stations in France. Power Dot currently has stations in a number of European countries, including some 2,500 in France alone. The company has ambitious plans to expand its French network to include at least 7,000 stations by 2025.

The €150 million comes from an investment by private equity firm Antin Infrastructure Partners, which also gives the firm joint control of Power Dot, according to the companies. So far, the company has charged car parks (or "parking lots" in American English) for stores and hotels, where customers habitually tend to park their cars for long periods of time.

Power Dot specifically says it wants to "create an electric vehicle charging experience built into people's lives by installing chargers every day in high-traffic areas where people naturally park their cars."

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