Renault introduced the first electric car for carsharing.

Mobilize, owned by the French Renault, has introduced an electric car for carsharing.


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At the end of June, the first Mobilize Limo will arrive in Madrid, and in the autumn they will also arrive in Paris, where they will be available on a subscription basis for 1499 euros per month. At the same time, the manufacturer provides a guarantee for 150 000 kilometers.

The car is a Chinese electric sedan JMEV Yi, which is produced by the state-owned corporation Jiangling Motors. Many people know her by the JMC brand, which mainly produces frame SUVs in collaboration with Ford. By the way, the Ford Territory crossover was created from the JMC Yusheng S330.

In China, JMEV Yi can be equipped with three power plants with a capacity of 82, 150 or 231 hp. Acceleration to 100 km/h takes 13, 10 and 5.8 seconds, respectively. Top speed is electronically limited to 120 or 140 km/h, depending on the version. The French Limo is equipped only with a top-end 60 kWh battery, with which the sedan can travel 450 kilometers on a single charge using the WLTP method.

The first vehicles will appear in Madrid in June, where Mobilize has signed a contract with VTC Vecttor, a subsidiary of the Cabify group, which has ordered 40 sedans for its fleet. In addition, next year they will come to other countries. Among others, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands are mentioned. Mobilize also plans to release three more vehicles: the Duo and Bento in 2023 for taxis and car sharing, and the Hippo city van in 2026.

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