Siemens and Mahle want to collaborate on inductive charging of electric vehicles

As part of the collaboration, Mahle will share its many years of experience as a car supplier, while Siemens will share its experience in the field of charging infrastructure


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Part of the proposed collaboration is a coordinated standardization effort in the relevant pre-standardization committees, Siemens says. The aim is to "close open gaps and thus ensure full interoperability between vehicle and charging infrastructure".

A close exchange of information on the development of an inductive common charging system for electric vehicles is only planned for the next stage. But these are still plans, joint development is not included in the declaration of intent, which is now signed. However, Siemens is already a bit more specific in the announcement: according to this, the goal is "detailed interaction and cross-testing between the vehicle charger (secondary coil) and the charging infrastructure (primary coil)". The specific implementation of the tests should also take place within the framework of state-funded projects - Siemens and Mahle do not want to fully finance the development themselves, but rather involve other partners and the state.

Wireless charging of electric vehicles is emerging as an important market of the future. In addition to greatly facilitating the work of drivers, who no longer have to fiddle with cables and connectors, this is an important prerequisite for future autonomous mobility. The transmission efficiency of wireless inductive charging is comparable to socket-based systems

We are very pleased to have found a strong partner in Siemens to actively promote inductive charging. The combined experience of both companies gives us a clear competitive advantage


Boris Delmar 5 months ago
I dream of charging a car from the road. it is fashionable to introduce an induction charger under the asphalt
Natalie Shine 5 months ago
Nice idea
Sandra 5 months ago
5 years - induction charger under in California

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