Sono received 20,000 bookings for the Sion solar electric vehicle

Sion promises about 70 free miles from the sun per week


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Sono Motors has booked 20,000 private customers for its upcoming solar-powered electric car with an average down payment of around 2,000 euros. In July, the startup reported 19,000 bookings.

Sono Motors recently unveiled a production Sion. Delayed by several years, production of the solar-body electric vehicle is due to begin in the second half of 2023 at contract manufacturer Valmet Automotive. After the ramp-up phase, the partners want to produce around 257,000 electric vehicles within seven years.

The outer shell of the Sion series consists of 456 integrated solar half-cells. The power generated by solar panels should be able to increase the range of the battery by 54 kWh from 305 kilometers on average by 112 kilometers and up to 245 kilometers per week. The battery supports charging power up to 75 kW direct current (DC) and up to 11 kW alternating current (AC). Bi-directional charging technology complements Sion's solar integration, allowing you to charge electronic devices, home or other electric vehicles with up to 11 kW.

Sono Motors is currently producing a fleet of production test vehicles in Munich near the company's headquarters for the Sion test program that has just begun. In the coming months, this generation of vehicles should undergo practical tests in Europe and the United States. This includes series testing, homologation, crash testing, testing in different climate zones, optimization and validation of solar technology, as well as improving driving dynamics on test tracks and public roads.

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