Sony and Honda form joint venture to produce electric vehicles

About 70 million euros have been invested in the company


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Sony and Honda have formed a joint venture to produce electric vehicles and transportation services. With the founding of Sony Honda Mobility (SHM), more information about the joint venture's schedule has surfaced.

Sony Honda Mobility is based in Tokyo, equally owned by both partners and equipped with an initial capital of 10 billion yen (about 70 million euros). Although it is a joint venture between two Japanese companies based in Tokyo, the products must not be manufactured in Japan.

The first electric model that Honda will build in North America is expected to be available for pre-order in the first half of 2025 and on sale before the end of 2025. Deliveries are scheduled to begin in the US in the spring of 2026, followed by Japan in the second half of 2026. SHM has not yet announced potential sales in other countries.

Basically, only "first product" is mentioned in the message. So far, Sony has unveiled two electric vehicle prototypes, the VISION-S 01 electric sedan was unveiled at CES 2020 and the VISION-S 02 electric SUV at CES 2022. It has not yet been confirmed whether the production version of the electric sedan will be the first product. The two prototypes were designed and built with the help of various vehicle suppliers such as Benteler, Bosch, Continental, ZF and Canadian-Austrian contract manufacturer Magna Steyr. Sony has also placed more emphasis on sensors and security technology and the company's complete entertainment system than on an electronic platform.

For its part, Honda recently announced that it will prepare three automotive and component manufacturing plants in the U.S. state of Ohio for the production of electric vehicles for approximately $700 million and (along with partner LGES) $3.5 billion will also be invested in one plant for battery manufacturing facility in Ohio. Honda previously said it would build an electric vehicle based on a new "large" platform in North America in 2026. It could be a model from SMH.

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