Stellantis and LGES Battery open a joint venture to produce batteries

The companies announced that their battery manufacturing joint venture in Windsor, Ontario will be called NextStar Energy Inc


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In March, it officially announced an investment of more than $4 billion in a 45+ GWh battery plant that will create about 2,500 new jobs. The plant will be Canada's first and largest lithium battery production facility, and will be especially important for powering the Stellantis plant in Windsor.

The companies have appointed Denis Lee as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Prior to that, he held a number of sales and marketing positions to promote lithium-ion batteries at LG Chem.

Stellantis recently announced that it has signed a supply agreement with Controlled Thermal Resources Ltd. (CTR) to supply lithium hydroxide for batteries used in the production of Stellantis electric vehicles in North America. This means that CTR will supply California-based lithium hydroxide to NextStar in Canada, as well as another Stellantis battery partner with Samsung SDI in Indiana.

CTR will supply Stellantis with up to 25,000 metric tons of lithium hydroxide per annum during the 10-year term of the agreement.

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