Tata to supply over 2,000 electric buses in India

The company received 2 large orders


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Tata Motors has received two more major orders for electric buses in India. In August, West Bengal Transport Corporation and Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation ordered more than 2,000 electric buses in total.

First order for 1,180 electric buses bound for West Bengal Transport Corporation. The state's public transport operator has ordered a total of four different models, including 12m low-floor air-conditioned buses, as well as smaller 12m and 9m buses with higher entrances.

The second new order for 921 electric buses from Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation, like the first order, is part of a tender by Convergence Energy Services Limited for several thousand electric buses in major cities in India. A public transport operator from Bangalore has now exclusively ordered 12m electric low-floor buses from Tata. The vehicles will be used in the south Indian metropolitan area for the next twelve years.

12-meter low-floor bus - Tata Starbus. This model can accommodate 35 passengers and is equipped with front and rear air suspension. The electric motor has a power of 245 kW. The battery pack must have a capacity of "about 250 kWh" but must also be "scalable to meet range requirements".

At the end of July, the Delhi Transportation Corporation also ordered 1,500 Starbus electric vehicles from Tata as part of CESL funding. It received orders for 3,600 electric buses in less than 30 days, according to the company.

CESL is a government agency for the procurement and deployment of electric vehicles, including electric buses, across all government departments to ensure vehicle standards and interstate interoperability.

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