Tesla dominates the U.S. electric vehicle market with a 71.4% market share

The U.S. EV market broke EV sales records in 2022 and kicked off strong demand for EVs


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After slow but steady sales growth, U.S. electric vehicle registrations jumped 60% in the first quarter of 2022, but total new car registrations fell 18%. This is a sign of domestic acceptance of electric vehicles in the country.

Tesla dominated the U.S. electric vehicle market from the start and continues to this day. However, competition is starting to gain momentum and different companies are introducing new models of electric vehicles into the range of vehicles offered.

Currently, Tesla has 71.4%, Hyundai 9%, Ford 6%, Volkswagen 4.4% and others 9.2% of the EV market. Tesla's share of the EV market has declined, increasing market share for others.


For example: the first electric sedan Hyundai Ioniq 6, Ford F-150, Volkswagen I.D. etc. are gaining more and more share of the US electric vehicle market.

It is true that Tesla has lost market share in the electric vehicle industry but has gained market share in the automotive industry as a whole.

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