Tesla Model S and X are now sold without key fobs

Customers now receive a key card as standard


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Tesla stopped providing Model S and X owners with a key fob as standard. Instead, new owners only receive a Tesla keycard. However, if you still need a keychain for your S or X, you can purchase one from the Tesla Store for $175.

The cheaper Tesla Model 3 and Y also come without key fobs. Again, customers can get key fobs through the Tesla store. When the Model 3 was first launched in 2017, Tesla initially sold it to customers without key fobs to save money. The company later reversed this decision and introduced Model 3 key fobs at the Tesla Store in 2019. At the time, Tesla CEO Elon Musk stated that Tesla really needed to provide all owners with a "normal key".

It is reported that the transition to the sale of Model S and X without key fobs occurred on July 1. This is because European Model S/X booking holders are getting more and more excited. The updated Model S and X are still not available in Europe despite having been available in North America for over a year now.

In fact, Tesla European websites no longer show any expected delivery dates for S and X.

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