Tesla to start battery production in Germany in 2023

The construction of electric motors should begin this year


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Tesla has been supplying the Model Y mid-range SUV from its plant in Brandenburg near Berlin since March this year. The Model 3 midsize sedan will also be produced later in Grünheide, as will the batteries. This year, the existing production will be expanded, and the location will be expanded, including through the creation of a kind of logistics center.

At an information day in Grünheide, Tesla announced that the launch of the new plant is going "very well". The American manufacturer was not more specific. In the summer, for the first time, 1,000 electric vehicles were produced per week. Tesla's stated goal in Germany is 500,000 vehicles a year.

At the event, citizens could ask questions in the hall about the concept of logistics, water supply, environmental and water protection, the planned production of battery cells, the planned expansion of the area, and work at Tesla. Therefore, the group wants to reduce the plant's water consumption. According to him, reducing the consumption of fresh water is still the main goal. Residents and environmentalists are accusing Tesla of using too much water from the region.

It is not yet clear when the production of the new type 4680 batteries will start in Brandenburg, but according to information, the battery factory has already been built and internal work is underway. Production is due to begin "in the first quarter of 2023". Construction of electric motors should begin this year. So far, drives and batteries are shipped from China.

Tesla will reportedly expand its Grünheide site by about 100 hectares before starting battery production. The company plans to place a cargo station, logistics areas and parking spaces on an additional target area.

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