Tesla wants to integrate Steam into its gaming platform

Automaker is building a video game platform called Tesla Arcade inside its vehicles


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Elon Musk says Tesla is getting closer to Steam integration from Valve to take its in-car gaming platform to a whole new level.

Musk recently stated that he believes "entertainment will be critical when cars drive themselves" and he believes Tesla will be able to achieve this later this year.

In preparation for this, the automaker is releasing more video games in its Tesla Arcade and indicates it can turn it into a business.

With the introduction of the new Model S and Model X, Tesla has announced a new in-car gaming computer: up to 10 teraflops of processing power allows you to play car games on par with the latest modern consoles through the Tesla Arcade. Wireless controller compatibility allows you to play from anywhere.

Patrick Schur, a well-known source of information about chips, has published a schematic of a new Tesla gaming computer with an AMD Navi 23 GPU:

tesla navi.jpg

The system is integrated and connects directly to the two touch screens inside the Model S and Model X to play games, watch entertainment and perform several other functions:

tesla games.jpg

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