Twike 5 will get bi-directional charging technology

Twike partners with Ambibox


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Electric vehicle manufacturer Twike has announced that the new Twike 5 will support bi-directional charging. To do this, Twike has partnered with Ambibox. With their technology, not only 22kW AC charging and DC fast charging via CCS are possible. It also has a direct AC output in the form of an 11 kW CEE socket built into the vehicle and 3.5 kW Schuko sockets to feed power from the vehicle's traction battery back to the owner's home or other consumers.

Ambibox and Twike are now making the Vehicle to Grid (V2G) or Vehicle to Home (V2H) buzzwords a reality, starting with the exclusive Twike 5 series. Ambibox GmbH acted as a development partner and integrated its bi-directional DC charger into the vehicle. Thus, the SiC-based power electronics platform Ambibox can be used as a high-performance on-board charger.

Twike drivers become entrepreneurs in the field of renewable energy and sustainability. They use their Twike like a Boy Scout uses a Swiss army knife

It could be foreseen that the new Twike 5 would have to offer additional customer benefits as it would also be an energy storage system for one's own household and therefore the public grid.

In addition to Twike, other vendors are working on V2G solutions. The Volkswagen MEB electric construction kit, on which all vehicles of the purely electric ID family are based, is also capable of bi-directional charging. Volkswagen is already testing cars, during 2022 every new group electric vehicle based on the MEB modular electric drive system should be able to charge and return electricity.

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