Updated Wuling Mini EV GameBoy.

The GameBoy is not a collaboration with Nintendo and has nothing to do with the Game Boy series of games.


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The Chinese electric vehicle market continues to grow at a very high pace. In April alone, about 213,000 all-electric vehicles and about 68,000 plug-in hybrids were delivered to the country, the share of plug-in hybrids is 29% of the total market. The best-selling electric vehicle in China is still the Wuling Mini EV, with 27,181 units sold in April alone. Since the beginning of the year, 127,542 units have been sold, compared to the beginning of the year, Tesla Model Y has sold 75,250 units.

The current Mini EV has changed a lot since the debut of the first version of the car, especially in this special version. New headlights and taillights, as well as a sports package with additions to the bumpers and side skirts. However, the dimensions and overall fit of the car remain unchanged - a tall and narrow body with square edges and small 12-inch wheels.

The interior has been significantly upgraded, but remains relatively cheap and very cramped. Bluetooth functionality has been added to the car and the center console has been redesigned with new materials. The seats, despite the new prettier upholstery, are among the "least comfortable" on the market.

Technical data has also changed. The new Mini EV has 15 percent more power, now with 41 horsepower peak. (30 kW) 110Nm of torque. Also, the battery pack has been increased to 26.5 kWh, which can drive about 300 km according to the NEDC standard. Ride and handling are on par with the pre-facelift version.

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