VePa vertical parking and urban charging

The company wants to create new parking spaces in urban areas


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Simon Shubnell, CEO and co-founder of VePa, and his business partner have taken on vertical parking for electric vehicles.

VePa's clients include municipalities, cities, developers and people who want to use their free space wisely. VePa itself begins with various stages of expansion and initially focuses on projects in urban areas to test its own concept in practice. The most popular are vertical parking towers, accommodating up to 12 cars. These towers cover an area of ​​just two parking spaces and accommodate cars at a height of about 16 meters.

In addition to the optimal use of space, VePa Towers contribute to the achievement of climate goals and create the necessary living space. Compared to classic underground car parks, the VePa solution is 98% more environmentally friendly, according to the Technical University of Munich. In addition, an area of ​​about 300 m² of the tower can be used for landscaping the facade or for the future installation of photovoltaic modules that will supply part of the energy needed by the VePa tower.

However, the required energy, which is used for wall boxes up to 22 kW, must come from another source. Green electricity will be used here to meet the idea of ​​sustainable development. The pop-up tower principle is also stable. By the end of the year, the company intends to present a solution that can be spontaneously used at exhibitions, events, etc.

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Adams 5 months ago
wow, really looking forward to the implementation of the vape in Chicago

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