Volkswagen is expanding the production of components for electric vehicles

The company plans to produce 800,000 battery systems per year


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VW Group Components considers the Braunschweig plant as a center of excellence within the Volkswagen Group “due to many years of experience in the development, planning and production” of battery systems. It is planned to produce 800,000 battery systems for MEB and plug-in hybrid vehicles per year once the plant is finalized.

Preparations for the future SSP platform have also already begun. SSP (Scalable Systems Platform) is Volkswagen's next-generation electric, digital and scalable platform, on which the concern will be able to create models for all brands and segments in the future. By 2026 the site will invest about one billion euros in transformation.

This also includes the introduction of digital solutions in the production of battery systems. According to the company, plans have already been developed to create a special high-bay warehouse and further transfer heavy batteries to rail transport. However, it is not yet clear when they will implement these plans.

The location of the components is in the middle of a complex transformation process. The Braunschweig plant took on this challenge early on, phasing out products that were no longer viable and adding new products to the portfolio. The challenges and efforts are huge, but this is the only way to keep the location and jobs in the long run

In addition to battery systems, VWGC also manufactures chassis components in Braunschweig, where the head plant for steering and axles is also located.

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