Volkswagen will overtake Tesla in sales of electric vehicles.

As early as 2024, Volkswagen could overtake Tesla in the number of electric cars sold, according to a new Bloomberg Intelligence report.


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The report suggests that over the next few years, these two automakers will compete for leadership in global sales of electric vehicles, leaving the rest of the automotive industry far behind.

With ten different brands under its control, from Volkswagen to Bentley, the Volkswagen Group is able to sell a wide range of electric models in markets around the world. In turn, Tesla's limited lineup of models makes it particularly vulnerable to Volkswagen's breadth of offerings and prices.

Two markets, China and Europe, will be particularly important in determining the leadership in electric vehicles over the next few years, Bloomberg claims. Regulations in both of these places are largely in favor of electric vehicles. Electric vehicles will account for 25% of all car sales in China and 20% in Europe by 2025, according to the report.

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