Volkswagen's energy subsidiary Elli becomes a partner in the &Charge bonus program

The application allows users to accumulate kilometers


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Elli, Volkswagen's energy subsidiary, has become a new partner in the &Charge rewards program. Elli plan customers, as well as users of Seat and Cupra Easy Charging, Škoda Auto Powerpass and, in the future, VW We Charge services, will benefit from this by being able to exchange accumulated &Charge kilometers for Elli charging vouchers.

The &Charge app allows users to accumulate &Charge kilometers through various activities. This works by shopping at one of 1,500 partner stores across Europe, evaluating charging stations and enriching the charging station data. When EV drivers provide real-time feedback on the charging infrastructure and charging process in the &Charge app, they get ten or more &Charge kilometers. The collected &Charge-kilometres can be exchanged for Elli charging vouchers worth four euros (50 &Charge-kilometres) and twenty euros (250 &Charge-kilometres).

The charging credit can be used in the Elli, Seat, Cupra, Škoda Auto and VW charging apps. Participation in events and use of the &Charge app are also rewarded with so-called Enthusiast Points. Users will gradually receive additional benefits on the &Charge platform.

Partnerships such as with &Charge help create and successfully build a customer-friendly shared ecosystem for electric vehicles. Here, active feedback from customers is very important, we at Elli have always been sure of this. Therefore, we appreciate the innovative approach of &Charge and hope that in the future customers will exchange &Charge kilometers for charging vouchers.

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